How I can help?

Children and adolescents are all individuals and have different needs.


It is therefore important to ascertain what support they will need and how best I can help to deliver this. 


Your child may benefit from my input if:

  • they are late to start talking
  • they have difficulties concentrating and listening
  • they have difficulty understanding what is said to them (e.g. following instructions)
  • they have difficulties linking words to form sentences
  • they have unclear speech
  • they have difficulties playing with or interacting with others
  • they have anxiety that stops them from talking in certain situations e.g. in preschool/school (selective mutism)
  • they are stammering
  • they are not confident in talking



SUPERMAN BOYTherapy is bespoke to each child’s needs. As Therapy Sessions progress I often gain a better understanding of your child’s personality and what activities really motivate them to succeed. I always seek to tailor my therapy to your child and their needs as I feel that targeted and fun therapy sessions are key to success.

I also like to share with you  strategies that can be used to support your child in between sessions and  how these can be fitted in with your child’s daily routine.

The number of sessions each child needs varies. We will usually start with 4-6 sessions and then review progress together before agreeing further sessions.

Further details of all the services I offer can be found on the fees and services page.

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