Feedback from Parents and Children

Please find below some of the feedback I have received from parents and children.  I hope this gives you a feel for how I work:

Mr & Mrs L, Warwickshire

“Hi Gillian, just wanted to thank you so much for your help with E. He was chatting to us the other week and this particular sentence had lots of “s” s in . E spoke it all with perfect pronunciation.  I stopped him and asked him to repeat exactly what he’d said and it was so brilliant, I felt quite moved at what he’d achieved with your help.  So I just thought I’d contact you and let you know what a game changer it’s been to have come in contact with you. So thanks again”
Mr & Mrs O, Coventry
“Gillian is a first class practitioner. Within a few sessions, we had the explanations and tools needed to work out a troublesome lisp that was beginning to cause our son some social discomfort. A mix of theory and fun exercises, combined with lots of praise from Gillian gave him the confidence to break out of his habits and conquer the lisp for good. Highly recommended.“

Mrs S, Rugby

“Gill was recommended to us and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her sessions are focused and thorough and my little one looks forward to them and has a great relationship with her. Gill often follows up sessions with a video recap for us so that we can continue working on the material covered between sessions.”

Oliver age 7

“Gill used to come and see me at school, she was always happy and we had lots of fun playing lots of different games. I liked having a sticker chart and every week I would get a sticker and get nearer to winning a prize.

I didn’t know I was learning, I just thought I was playing and having fun but now I like it that everyone can understand what I’m saying as Gill has helped me say all my sounds right, thank you ☺”

Mrs R, Cawston

“It was pure luck that I selected Gill’s name to contact from the ASLTIP website.  Our daughter struggled with sounds like ‘s’ and ‘f’ and other people didn’t understand her when she tried to speak.  We thought it was affecting her confidence and then found Gill. 

Gill is kind, patient and likeable and our daughter loves her.  Gill understands children. She knows how to get their attention and realises that what works for one child does not necessarily work for another.  Listening back now to the  recording of the assessment when we started with the speech therapy, I can barely believe it’s the same child speaking.  

If you are in any doubt, give Gill a chance.  It will change your child’s life.

Mrs B, Rugby (A Thank You)

“We just want to say a huge Thank You.  You’ve helped O so much and we didn’t expect to see such a difference so quickly.  He sounds like a different little boy and he’s become more confident in everything he’s doing.  He really took to you and talks about you all the time, you’ve been amazing with him. 

I’m so glad we got in touch with you, you’ve been wonderful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needed you help”.  

Mr and Mrs P, Leicester (A Thank You)

“We never thought we would see the day when R would be confident enough to stand on the stage and have a talking part in the School Play.  She has come so far and her confidence in the classroom has grown and grown.  Thank you so much for your help and support.”

Mrs C, Newton

“Gill worked with my son and also with my daughter.  My son had lots of missing sounds and wasn’t always using the sounds he did have when talking.  My daughter missed off the sounds at the end of words. 

Gill is very friendly, and is great at working with children.  She understands them and makes everything fun, teaching them through play.  She always brought different games which kept them engaged and encouraged them with stickers and rewards.

The difference in both my children’s speech is amazing and my son’s confidence has grown massively.  I can’t thank Gill enough for the work she has done with both of them and I would highly recommend her. “

Mrs K, Warwickshire

‘Gillian started working with my daughter who was just 4 years old and having difficulty pronouncing certain sounds,  after being recommended by a friend.

In the first session Gillian developed a strong connection and made the session such fun that my daughter did not even realise that she was receiving therapy!

In our case progress was made quickly and my daughters confidence to speak increased instantly. Over a number of sessions she had mastered the sounds that had been an issue and enjoyed the games and challenges that Gillian brought each week.

I would highly recommend Gillian because she can make such a difference to your child’s confidence and progress.’

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